G-Hold universal tablet holder

The G-Hold is rapidly becoming the standard for a multi-purpose handhold tablet device.  Place it  onto any type of tablet or reader, big or small.  Making your mobile computing devices truly mobile.

Whether taking photos, typing on the move, watching TV in bed or presenting to an audience, the G-Hold is for you.  It’s a relationship based on trust – and you can trust that the G-Hold® will never let you down… and never let your tablet drop down.  G-Hold is, the whole world in your hand!

How do we do that?

Thousands of microscopic craters on the base of G-Hold create powerful suction on any clean, smooth surface when pressed firmly for 20 seconds. Compatibility stickers are included for textured surfaces. To remove and reuse, looped dental floss will break the seal.

More information on how to remove/install the G-Hold:

G-Hold install/remove tutorial

We have personally used the G-Hold universal tablet holder at trade shows, streaming videos, taking pictures and so much more.  Available in 6 colors and 4 themes.  For custom branding (your logo or color) please contact us at this link below:

Click here to inquire about custom colors/logos

*Thanks to Don Toothaker from NewEnglandPhotoWorkshops to pose for us in Acadia

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