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The story of Mike and the tablet holder:



Mike Deutsch came from a long career in camera and photo equipment sales, selling to small brick and mortar stores and large internet retailers. In most recent years, as the industry changed, digital became more  and more of a focus for Mike. With a passion for photography, he always had his eyes open for new and different tools to make peoples digital equipment and gadgets simpler for every day and professional use.




Fast forward to 2014 when Mike dropped and cracked his 2nd and last tablet at a tech conference while lightbulb-resulting-in-creative-tech-gadgetstrying to demo something with a potential customer. The lightbulb went off.  So was UK product designer Alison Grieves with her new product she was launching in the U.S. with Kickstarter funds. She was marketing the perfect solution- an almost hands free tablet holder called G-hold. The G-hold made it next to impossible to drop a tablet, even in a case.


Mike decided to bring the tablet, cell phone and device challenged world a solution, here in the U.S. at least. No more dropping iPads. No more losing cell phones. Sturdy, light gadget bags perfect for your tablets and equipment. Tablet stands that would allow you to knit and watch TV right from bed.  Reading a recipe and cooking would no longer be awkward. Nearsighted presenters, coaches and teachers could write and see their notes up close and personal. Doctors and nurses could hold their device in one hand and examine their patient with the other…or at least take notes. No more awkward two handed gadget holding! The possibilities became endless.

Mike decided to bring the U.S. an almost hands free ipad holder…

Do you see where they’re going with this? Because this is just the beginning. Stay tuned.

Reach out to Mike personally if you think this is right for your hand or your company on the east coast:

Contact them right here if you can’t stand to wait


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