A Tablet Holder That I Don’t Have To Hold? How is that possible?

  • Why do I need a tablet holder?microsuction-g-hold-tablet-holder

    The G-Hold tablet holder is the best way to securely and comfortably use your tablet. It relieves muscle strain from your hands and free’s up one hand to do…other things

  • Which G-Hold should I choose?

    If your tablet has a very smooth surface, then choose the Microsuction. The G-Hold Microsuction tablet holder uses thousands of tiny suction cups to adhere, so it needs a very smooth surface. If your tablet has a textured surface or you want to adhere the G-Hold to your soft case, then choose the G-Hold Megastick. Mega Stick is a glue that permanently  bonds to whatever you attach it to. Never coming off. Never.

  • Is it an iPad holder as well? Does it stick to anything?

    The G-hold will stick to just about anything. Be creative. Think trays, iPads, books, recipe books, kindles, etc. The microsuction will stick to an ultra smooth surface, while the megastick can stick to just about anything, including your tablet case or your forehead. Follow the included directions and you should be adhered with strength.

  • An iPad Holder for Bed?

    Yes!! Think about it: You’re lying in bed and need an extra hand for your teacup. A convenient tablet holder for giving presentations, teaching, cooking, reading or watching videos on a plane, bus or train. G-Holds make great presents!

  • How do I remove my G-Hold?

    The Megastick is meant to be permanent. Any attempt to remove it could result in damage to what it is stuck to. The Microsuction, however,  can be removed using a very thin plastic spatula or id card. Work slowly around the outside edge to break the suction.

  • How do I use it?

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