iPad hand strap

G-Hold iPad hand strap

 A Tablet or iPad hand strap Holder That Frees You Up

Ever drop a tablet?
First of all our premier G-Hold® iPad hand strap that we find indispensable. We know you will too because of it’s universal fit to attach to any surface.

Our single handed tablet holder will solve that darn problem of holding your tablet and while doing well, anything else.

Perfect for:

  • Presenters and Lecturers
  • Teachers
  • Fulfillment Houses
  • Doctors Offices 
  • Sales Reps
  • Students
  • Chefs following a recipe in the kitchen

G-Hold® comes in 2 different styles, a reusable Micro Suction material I mean we’re talking seriously out there and futuristic stuff.

The G-Hold® reusable Tablet Holder will stick securely onto any  surface the backs of Tablets, iPads, Minis, Readers, Phones and any other device you need to grip even leather.

It can be easily removed and then reused again and again. Like a smooth criminal, as a result it doesn’t leave the slightest trace that it was ever there.

Another hands free tablet holder you shouldn’t have to live without. Buy Now

The G-hold® Megastick is a more permanent solution, for those active tablet holder types who want to take their G-hold sky diving to capture the scene below.

This strong bonding device adheres to any smooth surface, including your ipad or tablet case, and stays there forever, until death do you part. Buy Now

What Newswatch Tech Report had to say about Our tablet holder:

Check out our awesome Features

  • Removable
  • Fits on to any tablet, furthermore the device sticks to any surface even leather cases
  • Includes compatibility sticker for use on textured surfaces
  • Leaves no residue and therefore no damage to your items
  • Comfortable grip without hand strain
  • Stacks flat – fits inside most sleeves and many cases
  • Rotates 360° for a comfortable grip while reading, watching movies or typing
  • Comes in 5 different colors: green, black, blue, yellow and pink

Also, Our tablet and iPad holder that cannot be removed.  It’s cheaper!

  • Permanent fixture it will not come loose
  • Secure hold in all environments and surfaces
  • Comfortable grip without hand strain
  • Stacks flat and fits inside most sleeves and also many cases
  • Rotates 360° for a comfortable grip while reading, watching movies or even typing

What The Guardian and TechFaster had to say about G-Hold

“Cutting-edge British tech”-The Guardian

“If you have ever dropped, or worried about dropping a tablet, or if you want more mobility while using a tablet, consider the G-Hold tablet holder.“- TechFaster

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