hiro cell phone tracker

Hiro Cell Phone Tracker and Key Finder

…and wallet…and keys….and everything else you search for before heading out the door.phone-tracker

Know someone who’s always losing their stuff? All that ends today. You are in luck the Hiro cell phone tracker is here.

Did you know that on average, people lose about 3,000 items each year? The ordinary person spends 10 minutes a day rummaging for lost items. How much time have you wasted doing the same?

Do yourself a favor:

Grab a Hiro. Why? Because we want you to stop losing your important stuff.

Lost your wallet again? How about those keys? Can’t find your phone?

Hiro to the rescue!         Buy Now

This can be attached to just about any item and tracked from up to 200 feet away.

Easily compatible with Iphones, Androids, Ipads and other Tablets, the application lets you activate an alarm on your device that guides you to it’s location of the attached item.hiro-phone-finder

You don’t have to wonder what happens if you can’t find your phone? Don’t worry! Hiro can also be used to ring your device when misplaced. Finding your phone is effortless.

 It’s also water resistant.
That’s right not only does it have a simple and user friendly application, but it also comes with tons of different custom features to meet your needs.

The Hiro is available in 6 different colors.

Take advantage of our buzzer option and it will notify you when your phone starts to disconnect from your Hiro.

hiro-phone-tracker hiro-find-find-my-wallet phone-finder hiro-cell-phone-tracker hiro-cell-phone-finder hiro-cell-phone-finder

For less than  $30.00, you will never have to worry about finding your keys, wallet, or phone again.

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Hiro Cell Phone Tracker Specifications

Use the buzzer option in the application to activate the high volume alarm to capture your attention to its physical location.

Proximity Sensor
The Hiro application has a visual display that shows the approximate signal strength to the user’s smartphone also.

When you want to find your Hiro, you can use the signal strength in the application to guide you on how close you are to finding your Hiro zero right in.

Last Disconnected Location
Check this one out: When your Hiro disconnects from your phone’s bluetooth, the Application will automatically log the location where it lost signal.

The Hiro automatically drops a pin the map so you know exactly where to look for it.

Notification Settings
You are notified through a push notification or alarm when your phone’s bluetooth disconnects from your Hiro.

As soon as the application senses you’re too far from your Hiro, you will get a notification reminding you that you’re leaving your items it is attached to behind.

Warning: It will also feel very left out if you do.

Water Resistant
Rain, sleet or snow, don’t worry too much about what you attach to it if the Hiro Cell Phone Tracker gets wet your covered.

Your Hiro is built in the United States and will operate in most cases even after it is wet.

Battery Status
The application tells you the battery status of  its battery life indicator. It’s really quite smart.

Replaceable Battery
Designed to last for 6 months, The Battery is easily change it. Hardware, Jewelry stores and Electronic stores all have the CR2032 battery in stock.

So what are you waiting for?

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