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New e-Commerce Website Site Addresses Problem of Clumsy Tablet Holding with Hands Free Tablet Holder and More

Brookfield businessman creates Creative Tech Gadgets to address gap in tablet market

Brookfield, CT- 2 guys in the tech sales world are launching a website with the hopes of helping people who can’t seem to get comfortable holding an ipad or PC tablet to get a better grip.

6 years ago, Brookfield businessman Mike Deutsch met Steve Semler of Green Valley, Arizona at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Mike had just dropped his tablet while trying to show a potential client a video on his iPad. It was the last straw. After dropping- and cracking- 2 previous tablets, Mike was frustrated. Coincidentally he also met Alison Grieves, a UK product designer, at the same conference, there to promote her newest Kickstarter project, the G-Hold tablet holder. A lightbulb went off.

Fast forward to today: This week the two men launched

Deutsch, a photography, digital products and video sales distributor, decided there was a definite need here in the U.S. and Semler, a former photo sales manager with Minolta, agreed. They quickly formed, an e-Commerce site devoted to making tablet and cell phone handling easier and more ergonomic, and are adding products that compliment this theme to flesh out the site within the next few months. Their plans are to expand their inventory but not venture far from their original goal: to make devices of all sizes easier and more ergonomic to handle and manage. It was the answer Mike and Steve were looking for.

Their first, and feature product is the hands free tablet holder. The G-Hold, designed in the UK, frees up one hand to be able to easily hold a tablet with just 2 fingers, without having to grip the sides. With this product, using one hand while sitting in bed, in a presentation, or on the go, G-Hold solved the problem for the awkward tablet holder.

In the works are a state of the art blue tooth device finder, an innovative tablet stand, and a hands free cell phone gadget similar to the G-hold that also doubles as a cell phone stand.

Deutsch said in a statement: “If I dropped one more tablet in the middle of a presentation I was going to give up on tablets altogether. This venture was born out of personal experience and a need in the marketplace. There had to be an easier way, and I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. We see these products working both for recreational use- think cooking in the kitchen while following a recipe on your iPad, for instance, or for professionals- presenters, teachers, doctors or nurses, most of whom carry tablets but could use a free hand, and for seniors, who seem to have a hard time juggling devices “.

Semler agrees: “We’ve experienced many situations where we need our tablets and we need our hands. We are dedicated to making everyday tasks with handheld devices, which we are all carrying around anyway, less awkward and safer. We think we’ve found a solution to this problem, and plan on expanding on it for the future with complimentary products. “

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