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G-Hold Micro Suction Reusable Tablet Holder

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Created from a micro suction material I mean we’re talking seriously out-there, futuristic stuff.

G-Hold’s® reusable micro suction tablet holder will stick securely onto any surface.

It will stick to the backs of tablets, iPads,  Minis, Readers, Phones and any other Device you need to grip.

 Can be easily removed leaving no residue at all and then re-used again and again.


Product Description

Reusable Tablet Holder

G-Hold® Micro Suction Reusable Tablet Holder

Created from a micro suction material I mean we’re talking seriously out there, futuristic stuff.

G-Holds® reusable tablet holder will stick securely onto any surface, the backs of Tablets, iPads,  Minis, Readers, Phones and any other device you need to grip.

G-Hold®can be easily removed and then reused again and again.

Like a smooth criminal, it doesn’t leave the slightest trace that it was ever there. Another hands free Tablet holder you shouldn’t have to live without.

  • Think following a recipe on your tablet while cooking in the kitchen. It moves with you!
  • Think presentation and being able to walk and talk with your notes right in front of you
  • Think teaching a class and having a free hand at the same time. 

Reusable Tablet Holder

Product Specifications

  • Removable
  • Fits on to any tablet or device or any surface as well
  • Includes compatibility sticker for use on textured surfaces even leather
  • Leaves no residue to damage your items
  • Comfortable grip without any hand strain
  • Stacks flat as well as fits inside most sleeves and many cases
  • Rotates 360° for a comfortable grip while reading,  watching movies and even typing
  • Available in 5 different colors: green, black, blue, yellow and pink

G-Hold®, made in Scotland, is a simple gadget that will save your tablet from accidents.

With the G-Hold® you’ll never lose your grip on your tablet or anything you stick it too for that matter.

There are two different versions, but the G-Hold® technology in each version is all of the same quality construction.

To open the G-Hold® all you have to do is pull up the handle then slip it through your fingers for a solid hold on any surface even leather Tablet or Phone Cases.

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Additional Information


Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink

3 reviews for G-Hold Micro Suction Reusable Tablet Holder

  1. 5 out of 5


    this is a product

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have the removable version. Folds flat as advertised and is comfortable while working trade shows for lead retrieval.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Amazing!!!! Comfortable! Cures the problem of having to prop up my tablet to read on or watch shows or type!!! I wish my family and I had this yrs ago!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

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